Andrew Mewe
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Title Prince
Age 17
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 5th
Status Dating, Amabel
Relatives Unnamed Father

Citra (Mother)

Lynn (Sister)

James (Brother)

Corey (Sister)

Brandy (Sister)

Noel (Brother)

Jewel (Sister)

Species Felis Catus
Aliases Drew
First Appearance N/a

Drew is quite large compared to most of his siblings but he’s a gentle giant.


  • Andrew has been in a real relationship for the last 3 years. He refuses to tell to who the girl is as his family would get involved in their relationship. Another reason is that Amabel is fully unaware that Andrew is indeed a prince, and he hasn't found the right moment to tell her.
  • Andrew is most adventurous out of his siblings.