Ariel Chirkash
Title King
Age N/a (Deceased)
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 6th
Status Married, Pethra
Relatives Lo (Brother)

Wayra (Brother-in-law)

Vesuvius (Son)

Pele (Daughter)

Hakan (Grandson)

Hari (Grandson)

Amika (Granddaughter)

Trinity (Granddaughter)

Falon (Granddaughter)

Species Elf, Dark
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Due to Ariel's irregular Dark Elf traits, it has caused his hair to be blonde.


Ariel wasn't much different than his daughter Pele and granddaughter Amika, except he was more joyous and never got caught misbehaving. As an example, he would skip social gatherings all together by turning his owl into a body double. Lo was the only one who knew it wasn't really his devious and sneaky brother (the owl hated him).

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