Ava Lamboglia
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Title Student, High School
Age 15
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status TBA
Relatives Eric (Father)

Jen (Mother)

Dori (Cousin)

Claire (Cousin)

Ethnicity Norwegian, South African
Species Human
Aliases N/a
First Appearance Chapter 1


Ava has luscious, curly locks of auburn hair and hazel eyes. She has a slim pear figure with a fair amount of curves, but isn't very happy about her height, seeing as most people claim to only like shorter women (like her cousin Dori who is 5'1").

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Ava's style over the years.

At the young age of 6, her mother dressed her in frilly and cute things; such as bows, ribbons, pigtails and dresses. She had very few play clothes, and usually wore a polka dotted red dress.

At age 11, she able to determine her own style. She ditched the bows and ribbons and went straight for active wear. She played lots of sports, had a tan, and cut her hair short to make it easier. She got her braces and was dealing with Janessa, so she didn't smile much during the time. This was the time she was "one of the guys".

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Ava's current (and common) wardrobe.

Nowadays, Ava became more interested in fashion, video games and guys.


Ava is a sweet, loving girl who doesn't deal well with PDA (Public Displays of Affection). She doesn't like when Amika uses magic around her since the last incident. Ava isn't quite sure of herself, and gets easily embarrassed.

Ava is a bit self conscious about her body (especially around certain people) but she tries to embrace it.

She is insecure about certain things like her height, she is the tallest girl in her family and her girl cousins poke fun at her about it. Also, she thinks Janessa is prettier than her (which is a problem considering Janessa is interested in Neko, Ava's later boyfriend).

Her social status is neutral, she's not popular but not an outcast either (a good number of people know her name because of her friends). Most people that don't know her think she's just the shy pretty girl that somehow knows popular school athletes (which doesn't settle well with some girls). Those that know her from middle school are shocked that she changed so much, including Janessa.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Video games, peaches, shopping, sports, chocolate, bacon and summer

Dislikes: Being teased/bullied, bats, school and Amika when careless with magic


Micah Mann and Ava

Micah, Mann and Ava

  • Micah and Ava share a cat by the name of Mann.
  • Jon, Neko's father, taught Ava how to play the guitar.
Ava and Ella

Ava painting Ella's nails.

  • Ava's guilty pleasure is buying nail polish. She can't help but buy a new one every time she goes shopping. She has over 30 nail polishes, and rarely paints her nails. Ella tends to use more of Ava's nail polishes than Ava does.
  • Ava's birthday is September 8th.
  • Ava is fluent in English and knows very little isiXhosa.
  • Ava's favorite colors are peach, yellow, red, olive green, mint and all hues of blue.
  • Ava's hobbies are playing acoustic guitar, video games, reading, DIY projects, and Volleyball.