Calypso Tavana
Title Princess
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 4th
Status Dating, Hades
Relatives Neptune (Father)

Sedna (Mother)

Vellamo (Twin Sister)

Species Elf, Light
Aliases Caly
First Appearance N/a


Calypso is shorter than Vellamo with a hourglass shaped body. Unlike her twin sister, Vellamo, who is taller with a pear-shaped body. Calypso is fairer than her sister because unlike herself, Vellamo likes to be in the sun.


  • Vellamo and Calypso are fraternal twins.
  • Vellamo and Calypso both have one foe in common, Grace, who is a dark elf.
  • Calypso never got along with the Ravenloc's. Not only because of the dark elf blood, but she's really just mad at the kids. From Hakan refusing to dance with her (she talks too much), to Hari flicking her nose when she tried to kiss him (he was 8 then but he would do it again), and Amika's offensive popularity ("so!? she's not even that cute!"). She doesn't have a problem with Kai, she just assumes she has terrible taste in men. She is however, terrified of Vesuvius and Pele.
  • Calypso has an all female crew.
  • Calypso adores krakens, and gets upset if people disagree.