Kingdom Animal/Beast: PegasusEdit

Family RulingsEdit

Current Monarch: Alexius

Future Monarch: Adonis

Royal Children: 1, Adonis

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No


All kids attend their academy (ages 6-21, but you can leave at 15 if desired).

Level of ImportanceEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


The 1st is not very advanced, so jobs are straight forward. Fishing, blacksmith, mid-wives, knights, etc.


In the 1st, gold and precious gems are the main currency for the privileged, but the commoners use steel coins and bartering.


  • Although the royal kids get arranged marriages, citizens date freely.
  • When a couple is ready for marriage, they most have the approval of both families and the king.
  • Most people of the 1st are very vain and egotistic.
  • They prefer fitness.
  • All children are encouraged to comete against one another in almost everything.
  • A woman can never hold a higher title than her husband.


  • People in the 1st Kingdom are very serious about their hair. They'd rather shave off their hair and wear a wig than being seen with split ends or damaged/messy hair.
  • The males of the 1st kingdom spend a lot of time of in the mirror while the females are snobs.

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