Kingdom Animal/Beast: Shadow WolvesEdit

Family RulingsEdit

Current Chief: Nahuel

Future Chief: Kekoa

Royal Children: 1, Kekoa

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No


They do not attend school. Everything they know, they learn from their elders in the kingdom.

Level of ImportanceEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


For the most part, they're hunters and gatherers. Those who have the power of site, offer their services in trade for local good (wild honey, furs, etc.).


In the third kingdom, they make a trade. Since the island is nothing but small nomadic style villages, they often trade with each other for necessities. The children on the other hand will trade things as a greeting (shells, seeds, feathers, etc.).


  • They don't date or even hang out with the opposite gender. When a suitor is ready to settle down, they'll ask the father of their desired for their hand. If there's no objections, they'll be wedded in one month.
  • They take marriage serious, and if either partner feels mistreated, they'll consult with the Chief who will usually smooth things over. If it can't be fixed, then he will dissolve the marriage.


  • Because the people of the 3rd kingdom are peaceful and barely practice magic, their kingdom is protected by their guardians, the Shadow Wolves, who are 10 times more powerful than your average witch/wizard. No one dares to the challenge them.
  • The only time everyone is together is for their celebrations/festivals.
  • It's very common for men not to wear shirts.

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