Conor Blackstone
Title Prince
Age 18
Height 6'4"
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 7th
Status TBA
Relatives Devin (Mother)

Unnamed Uncle

Reagan (Aunt)

Gavril (Brother)

Vincenzo (Brother)

Owen (Brother)

Kieron (Brother)

Sefu (Brother)

Alfred (Brother)

Fearghus (Brother)

Rodney (Brother)

Aries (Brother)

Rais (Brother)

Ghayth (Brother)

Kross (Brother)

Sydney, Ryder and Wyatt (Triplet Brothers)

Bricius (Brother)

Jamie (Brother)

Species N/a
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Conor is a fun loving guy, but is also a warrior and next in line to be king. If he's not in the mortal realm, he's either training or studying.


Conor is a fit, tall man with black hair and athemyst colored irises. He has thick and full lashes which are considered his greatest feature. If he grows his hair out, it will become bushy and fluffy. For this, he keeps it short for him to maintain and to avoid having his brothers tease him for it.

Conor’s ear piercings are a symbol of power and victories. It’s an old fashion way and most citizens don’t do it as much but he likes it. He also has a pair of snake bites, which he received recently.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Oddities, the dark, dragons, music, insects, Amika, making friends and winter

Dislikes: His father


  • Conor has 3 pets. A magical, talking axolotl named Nigel (who he doesn't consider as a pet), and two dragons. One dragon is named Felix.
  • Like all his brothers, he's marked with his birth number. Conor's is XI (15).
  • Conor has a strange habit of falling asleep when he's not working.
  • Conor was named after the knight who ranked 10th in all of the 7th's history.
  • Conor's birthday is the 12th day of lencten.
  • Conor is fluent in Alpha tongue (native), Arabic, English, Finnish, French, Gaelic, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese, Yoruba, and Yupik.
  • Conor is pol-religious (believes there is truth in all religions).
  • Conor is pansexual.