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Title Amika's wolf
Age 99
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom N/a
Status Single
Relatives N/a
Species Wolf
Aliases Des, Zero
First Appearance N/a

Decimus has no known history/origin; thus how he got the nickname Zero. Zyanya is the one who found Decimus when he was extremely young.


Decimus is a black colored wolf, and the only wolf that can turn being. In the 3rd kingdom, it's not unusual for the males to not wear a shirt. Decimus has been used to this custom since so he prefers not to wear a shirt.


Decimus is usually cranky and there aren't many things that can make him smile. He'll laugh himself to tears if you accidentally hurt yourself and smile if someone roughhouses with him. Other than that, he's usually sour with his barbaric personality.



Decimus has a love/hate relationship with Zahi. Des loves and respects Zahi as a father, but hates him as a man.


  • Decimus is the youngest wolf.
  • Decimus has not found his familiar as of yet.