Edwin Weary
Title Prince (Lord)
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 6th
Status N/a
Relatives Lex Van Derberg (Father)

Constance (Sister)

Gavin (Cousin)

Species Lycan
Aliases Eddie
First Appearance N/a

Although his role isn't huge (he's a guest from time to time), his existence showcases one of the major debates in the 6th, Lycanthropy. It's considered a disease by law since it can be spread by bites, deep scratches, and more, but, it can also be passed down genetically from parent to child. Because of the prejudice, the Lycans created their own judicial system and have their own "king," Edwin's father, Lex Van Derberg.


  • Edwin doesn’t think it's weird that his teacher, Jinx, smells everything and he lets her cuddle him for warmth. Edwin thinks she's cute; she just rambles too much.

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