Gaia Rentanez Le Gray
Title Realm Knight, Earth
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom N/a
Status Engaged, Jurian
Partner Irah
Relatives Unnamed Father

Karenza (Mother)

Wakina (Half Sister)

Zo (Brother)

Logan (Brother)

Species Succubus
Aliases Ren
First Appearance N/a

Rentanez' parents, along with the high council, were in complete shock to find out this succubus is a Gaia (a protector of earth). Gaia's are to be pure of heart and mind which is why it became such a shock. Though it is still a shock for some, she is the strongest Gaia alive, and has done service for 4 years and counting.

Unlike her mother, Karenza, she's not proud of being a succubus.


Rentanez' has long blonde hair, fair skin, and specs down her neck and the sides of her body that indicate she's a succubus. She has heterochromia with one blue and the other pink.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: (Secretly) plushies, pretty cakes, chubby babies, etc.

Dislikes: People joking about her pink eye


  • Although shes very stern, she secretly likes cute things.
  • Rentanez' weapon of choice is a flame whip.