Galax Yates
Title Princess
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 2nd

4th, Formerly

Status Married, Rowen
Relatives Don Yates

Oni Yates

Stormy (Sister)

Misha (Sister)

Sasha (Sister)

Darla (Sister)

Bela (Sister)

Bael (Sister)

Blae (Sister)

Chervil (Sister)

Sanaa (Sister)

Species Sylvilagus
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Galax loves children and thanks to having so many younger siblings she's very nurturing. However, the thought of having her own children troubles her.

She was teased mercilessly by the other kids for having albinism and her sisters also were teased for having an albino sister. The only real kindness she received was from her family and the workers in the family's manor, and as a result, Galax chose to stay away from the public eye in general.

She wants children but she is afraid they will suffer for her being their mother. It's a very touchy subject for her and is still up in the air.

Albinism is extremely rare and almost unheard of in the magical realm, the carrier gene itself comes from the mortal realm and there are less than 100,000 living people with albinism in the mystic realm. Most of whom don't reside in 4th kingdom by choice.

The main two reasons why Lady Galax was mistreated were:

1. That kingdom is not about knowledge or understanding in the least. The kids that picked on her had never seen or heard of an albino person.

2. Galax comes from extremely prominent and wealthy political family, that chose to keep her even though "imperfections" are looked down upon in the upper class. In the opinion of those people, the "abnormal" should be kept out of site and yet Galax was treated as a normal child and taken out regularly (how dare they show their own child love and in public none the less!). The children of those families found Galax an easy target. To them, she shouldn't attend the galas or private schools, she should be locked away in some room where she belonged.

They have people roaming around the kingdom with pink and grayish-blue skin, four arms, and one eye, but that is natural to their race(s). Galax was a whole different case in their eyes.

She had the misfortune of being born in a extremely ignorant and prejudiced kingdom. If she was born in any other kingdom or to a poor family in the ports (they see many different people), she would have had a relatively normal childhood.