Hakan Ravenloc
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Title Prince
Age 23
Height 5'11"
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 6th
Status Single
Relatives Ariel (Grandfather, deceased)

Pethra (Grandmother)

Rune (Grandfather)

Noelani (Grandmother, deceased)

Vesuvius (Father)

Kai (Mother)

Hari (Brother)

Amika (Sister)

Dušan (Uncle)

Pele (Aunt)

Trinity (Cousin)

Falon (Cousin)

Miakoda (Aunt)

Folami (Cousin)

Species Elf, Dark
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Hakan's black hair is short and on the right side, he has his hair shaved up to his parting (it's a fashion thing, he's vain that way). He has tanned skin, red eyes and his scleras are clouded gray. Since he received both the Ravenloc blessing and The Stars in the Eyes blessing by his birth, one does not over power the other. They blend. His sclera is dark gray because the black sclera is diluted and his red iris is not as rich as it could be.

Located on his right hand, he has 3 black dots which are from him using the forbidden black magic. As such, he has received quite a few marks on his body. Along with two on his shoulders.


Hakan has a strict and selfish personality. He wants the throne so badly that he's grown spiteful of Amika and Hari (his competition). But he's still very protective of them. In the 6th it's common practice in the royal family to crown the strongest offspring as king or queen, and in the Ravenloc family, Hakan is the weakest. He's quick to anger, very slow to forgive, but he tries to do what's best for his family and kingdom.

In more ways than one, he's a lot like like his grandmother, Pethra. Unlike his siblings, he's 6th kingdom royalty to the core and he rejects his mother's "outdated" thinking.



Hakan and Hari have a typical brother relationship. They joke around and occasionally fight, but at the end of the day, they love each other.

The biggest issue they have now is Hari treating Hakan like child at times (he can't help it because of his abilities).


It's no secret that Fiyza and Hakan previously had a romantic relationship, and it commonly gossiped about in the palace by the young maids. It's possible Hakan might have lingering feelings for Fiyza, but there is no certainty.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Curry and fire spells

Dislikes: Mortals (except Ava)


  • Hakan is closer to his father than his mother. This may be due to the fact that Hakan is the favored child among Vesuvius.
  • Hakan has been in love before but he finds it to be a useless time consuming thing. He would be perfectly fine with an arranged marriage as long as it brings him power. If he isn't attracted to his partner, it would be a very scheduled and strict partnership. He wouldn't be a total douche, but he wouldn't offer much in the emotional department.