Queen Isabel Sakai
Title Queen
Age 287
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 2nd
Status Married, Toya
Relatives Natsuko (Daughter)

Yua (Daughter)

Species Immortal
Aliases Izah, Isa
First Appearance N/a

Isabel is also one the few immortals that has chosen to use a death spell, so when her husband Toya draws his last breath, so will she. Not only does she not want to live without out her beloved nor does she want to outlive her daughters.

Isabel is an immortal, one of few pure bloods left in their world. Time doesn’t effect her and she hasn't taken her own life therefore she is old.

Isabel knew Alexius', Vesuvius' and Beau Lux's great grandparents when she was a small child.

Isabel played match maker for both Beau and Al, she tired with Vesuvius too but he had other plans.


Despite being over 200 years old, Isabel still has a young appearance thanks to her being an immortal. She has white hair, and golden eyes.


  • Izah has ruled for almost 2 centuries alone.