Janessa DePonte
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Title Student, High School
Age 16
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Mother

Marina (Sister)

Andrew (Brother)

Ethnicity N/a
Species Human
Aliases Ness, Nessa
First Appearance N/a


Janessa is quite the cliché popular girl. Bleach blonde hair (her natural hair color is dark chocolate brown), money to blow, beautiful, cheerleader, volleyball captain and minions.


Janessa gets extremely jealous over the smallest things, and has developed some stalker-ish behavior since she can't accept or get over the fact that Neko had dumped her after two years of dating. She's determined to her "forever" back.

Overall, she's just not a nice person. She's bossy and gets a thrill out of tormenting people and watching others suffer. Though, she has no legitimate reason to act out the way she does.



Janessa strongly hates Ava. What it all boils down to is jealousy. Ava was the better volleyball player, guys still liked Ava more, her mother praised Ava, and she was close to the guy Ness liked. Now it's simply a matter of that she still has feelings for Neko but he moved on to the last girl she would want him to date.


Janessa is strongly stuck on the fact that Neko will eventually come back to her and stop chasing Ava.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Partying, trouble making, accessories

Dislikes: Preps, Ava and children


  • Janessa has a pet parrot.