Jennifer Lamboglia
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Title N/a
Age 40
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Married, Eric
Relatives Ava (Daughter)

Dori (Niece)

Ethnicity Norwegian
Species Human
Aliases Jen
First Appearance Chapter 1


Jennifer was the "little miss perfect" type. Perfect posture, honor roll student, SBC, ballerina, always made her bed, never raised her voice, and a pageant girl. Jen lead a very sheltered and guided life until she met Tonya, then she loosened up and wanted to have more fun.

She's a very loving person that adores her daughter. She’s a lover of the arts and likes the finer things in life.



They met in high school when Jen ran crying alone (or so she thought) under the the bleachers and Toni happened to be making out with her boyfriend. Since Jen's sobbing "killed the mood", Toni decided to see why a goodie two shoes would come there of all places to cry and found out Jen got in an argument with her folks and decided to "run away" for awhile.

Toni of course told her she was going to get herself killed since CLEARLY she would go to the wrong place. So Toni dragged her back home and told Jen to call her if she has any problems at all.

Jen, in return, helped Tonya fill her void. She was untouchable on the surface, but deep down she was broken.


  • Jen is older than Eric and had a tendency to scold him when they were first dating.