Jinx Sphinx-Double
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Title Princess (Lady)
Age 18
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 2nd
Status N/a
Relatives Unnamed Adoptive Parents
Species Nāga
Aliases She-Beast (from Adonis)
First Appearance N/a

Jinx is a very vocal and smart person. She has the highest IQ in the realm, and was also adopted from the mortal realm.


  • Jinx is Amika's idol and female crush.
  • Jinx has turned down the crown twice.
  • She's failed 10th grade twice (skipping).
  • Jinx likes be near someone to "take their warmth" as she finds a person's body heat comforting. After all, she is cold-blooded.
  • Jinx has a major crush on her student Edwin.