Kagiso Chakkalath
Title Maid
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 6th
Status Single
Relatives Unnamed/Unknown Parents
Species N/a
Aliases Iso
First Appearance N/a

After Kagiso's (pronounced Ka-gee-so) parents discovered she has no magical abilities, they abandoned her. She stayed at the Chakkalath church until she was taken in (unofficially adopted) and named by Kai. Kagiso was only 5 at the time, and didn't start working until she was 15. She eventually wants to earn her own money and begin her own life outside the palace once Amika is of age.


Kagiso adorns long, type-changing, purple hair, curling up or straightening on different moods. She has thin eyebrows, pale skin, and pure white eyes, which Ava had found bizarre. Across her face are lightly askew freckles.


Kagiso is very caring, loving and wise. Although, she and Amika have known each other for quiet some time, and Amika's sense of familiarity, Kagiso still manages to address her formally out of respect and loyalty.

She also manages to become shy and timid when around Hakan, and practices building confidence around him behind closed doors.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Sewing, cooking, flowers and her other maid friends

Dislikes: Herself



Kagiso is Amika's handmaiden/live-in maid. In many ways, Kagiso is like Amika's older sister and best friend; they do almost everything together, including bathing. However, Kagiso can never enter the mortal realm, so she does her own thing (shopping, cleaning etc.) at home until Amika returns. Kagiso is always taking care of her covering for her mistakes.

As a daily thing, they go out to buy sweets.


Hakan has treated her like a lady and protected her since Kai brought her home. He’s like her lovable hero.


Hari has flirted with her from day one, even as a baby. He’s one annoying but endearing guy to her.


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Kagiso's hair (normally)

  • Kagiso has a big crush on Hakan. However, Hakan isn't interested in dating.
  • Kagiso's hair is most likely genetic because she has no powers, but purple hair isn't that uncommon in the 2nd and 5th kingdoms.
  • Hakan and Fiyza's previous relationship isn't a secret in the palace, Everyone knows and gossips about it whenever Fiyza has the nerve to make an appearance (especially young maids). For Kagiso it sucks knowing how he feels/felt about her, but, Fiyza is married now. So, there's a small glimmer of hope.