Kai Ravenloc
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Title Queen
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 6th
Status Married, Vesuvius
Relatives Rune (Father)

Noelani (Mother, deceased)

Ariel (Father-in-law, deceased)

Pethra (Mother-in-law)

Miakoda (Sister)

Folami (Niece)

Hakan (Son)

Hari (Son)

Amika (Daughter)

Dušan (Brother-in-law)

Pele (Sister-in-law)

Trinity (Niece)

Falon (Niece)

Species N/a
Aliases Wildfire
First Appearance N/a


Kai is a tall, slender woman with Vermilion red hair that that she usually keeps in a side braid, grey/silver like eyes and brown skin.

Kai's marks symbolizes her ferocity and bravery; A much different Kai than the one most knows.



Miakoda and Kai are very close siblings, in fact, they share almost everything with one another. As teens, Mia and Kai would run their father's "shop" and Kai offered her services in match making (her powers were not that strong yet so match making was the best she could do) whenever their father was out.


Kai is the first one to treat Pele as a person rather than just royalty.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Tanning nude

Dislikes: ???


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Kai dancing.

  • Kai received the nickname "Wildfire" as a teen while she was still back in the 3rd kingdom. The reason for this name is due to her being an amazing dancer.
  • After Vesuvius and Kai wed, she received a rooftop garden where she likes to tan nude; hence why she has no tan lines.
  • When Kai was younger, she had overused her oracle abilities. As a result, she temporarily lost them and got sick, and had to stay in the tent for months, losing her rich tan.
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Kai when she overused her oracle abilities.