Lee Ru
Title Student, High School
Age 16
Height 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Status Engaged, Jasmine
Relatives Terence (Father)

Lauren (Mother, deceased)

Tyson (Brother)

Lance (Brother)

Trent (Brother)

Guinevere (Cousin)

Ethnicity Irish
Species Human
Aliases Honey, Sweetie
First Appearance N/a

Lee is a guy who doesn't believe in gender roles. He and Neko met in 8th grade and have been good friends ever since. When he's not gaming, he's sewing dresses for his girlfriend, Jasmine.


Lee is a young man who stands at 5'8" (172 cm) with red dyed hair and dark blue eyes. Lee's natural hair color is a brunette. He can usually be seen around his girlfriend, Jasmine, or even hanging around Neko.


Lee has that super nice/shy guy quality that instantly attracted Jasmine to him and he is also very optimistic about life in general (even with the bullying he endures).

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Sewing, shooters, horror flicks and sweets/junk food

Dislikes: Getting hair cuts


Lee and Dolce

Lee with Dolce.

  • Lee (along with his brothers) have a pet huskie by the name of Dolce. Lee tends to get a bit annoyed since Dolce regularly eats his designs. But, fortunately, he can't stay mad at her for long.
  • Lee is uncomfortable with being called the "pretty" son/brother.