If you've read CLT, you'll notice that some of the magical characters have red marks on them. The marks may seem random, but they're not. Each has its own unique meaning(s) to the person(s) who have them.

Once a male reaches the age of 15, they attend a mass ceremony where their mothers give them the marks. If the child has no mother, the Queen will choose the markings for them.

Females don't have to ever get the markings. Girls who choose to are often from the tribal areas.

The marks are a magical tattoo of sorts. The more powerful you are, the more markings you'll have.

Once you get the marks, you can easily hide them (unlike dark magic markings).

However, the majority choose to display theirs with pride. And each styling changes for all markings depends on your family/blood-line.

If you're a genius, you'd bare the marks on your forehead.

If you're considered attractive, you'd bare the marks around your eyes.

If you're strong/a warrior, the marks would be on your face and/or body.

Magic wand users have marks on the inside and outside of their hands. The royal families don't use them, but many others do.

Oracles all receive a small red dot behind both ears.

Markings are often mixed and matched to make them more personal.

  • Example of baring the mark of a genius.
  • Example of baring the mark of being considered attractive.
  • Example of baring the mark of a warrior.