Munhee Shin
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Title Mangaka
Age 24
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 180 lbs. (82 kg)
Gender Male
Status N/a
Relatives Unnamed Sister
Ethnicity Korean
Species Human
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Munhee Shin is a young man of South Korean origin and exceptionally tall for his race standing at 6'0" (183 cm). He appears with straight dark hair, dark eyes, and pale skin. Two stars are tattooed underneath his left eye. Despite his hatred for sweat and exercise, Munhee works out and has a fit body knowing his older sister would scold him for not taking care of himself.

Personality Edit

Munhee is a very outgoing and rambunctious young adult who does not act his age in the slightest. He is well known to be quite childish, but also very optimistic.

Once a wild child--and still is--he continues to be as loud as he used to be and enjoys spending the majority of his free time with the "younger generation." Despite his loud personality, Munhee genuinely cares for those younger than him and is ready to help them out with their problems no matter how big or small due to the fact they remind him of himself.

Likes & Dislikes Edit

Likes: Anything shiny, unique individuals, beauty, art and music

Dislikes: Exercise, sweating, anything unpleasant, deadlines and cleaning


  • Since Munhee looks a lot a like Neko, Neko isn't too fond of him.
  • The name Munhee means "shining."
  • Munhee is a huge fan of K-Pop and his personal workspace and bedroom are completely covered in K-Pop posters.