Pele Orit Pari Ravenloc
Title N/a
Age 34
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom The Red Isle

6th, Formerly

Status Married, Dušan
Relatives Ariel (Father)

Pethra (Mother)

Lo (Uncle)

Wayra (Uncle-in-law)

Vesuvius (Brother)

Kai (Sister-in-law)

Hakan (Nephew)

Hari (Nephew)

Amika (Nephew)

Trinity (Daughter)

Falon (Daughter)

Species Elf, Dark
Aliases Poppy
First Appearance N/a

Pele often ran away when her and her mother got into arranging marriages for Pele, which is how she met Trinity's father.

She hates herself for following in her mother's footsteps but she knows another broken agreement with the 1st kingdom would end badly (Pele was suppose to marry Adonis' Alexius Xanthisfather).


Due to Ariel's irregular Dark Elf traits, it had caused Pele to have slightly pointed ears.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Shopping, eating and sleeping

Dislikes: Rules, politics and the dark



They’re best friends and so close it makes Vesuvius a little jealous at times. Kai covered for Pele when she would sneak out as teen and Pele thought her how to cook and bake (gourmet food).


  • Pele's nickname, Poppy, was given to her because of her first 3 initials (P.O.P.).
  • SAM and Pele can't stand each other at all. However, SAM adores Trinity as if she were her own child and Pele is fond of Adonis.
  • Witith 6th Kingdom laws, Dušan and Pele aren't legally married. This is due to the previous queen, Pethra Ravenloc's, lack of approval, an action required for a marriage to be certified.
  • Pele often jokes with Vesuvius that they should switch daughters. Amika is just like Pele without the reputation for getting around.