Pethra Ravenloc
Older and younger versions of Pethra
Title Queen
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 6th
Status Widowed, Ariel
Relatives Aaron Ravenloc (Father)

Li Ravenloc (Mother)

Lo (Brother-in-law)

Wayra (Brother-in-law)

Vesuvius (Son)

Pele (Daughter)

Dušan (Son-in-law)

Kai (Daughter-in-law)

Hakan (Grandson)

Hari (Grandson)

Amika (Granddaughter)

Trinity (Granddaughter)

Falon (Granddaughter)

Species Elf, Dark
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Pethra's not one for many words or emotions, when she does speak it is to critique every thing about everyone. She has children she didn't want and they're well aware of that. Over all, the only thing she cares about is the 6th kingdom.


  • No one in the family loves or likes Pethra like they would with an elder. She's not on good terms with anyone. Not even her own children.

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