Salem Craft
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Title Prince
Age 23
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 2nd
Status Single
Relatives Beau (Father)

Nuru (Mother)

Lu (Brother)

Cinder (Brother)

Species Bacchu
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Salem is what they refer to as a "Child of Pan" in the mystic realm, all of them have horns but its rumored they use to have a goats lower half.


Salem is probably the most "traditional" prince in his mannerism. His only down fall his stomach. He loves to eat and since mostly everyone knows this people use that and his kindness to there on advantages. Due to this, Salem does his best to avoid Yua because she's always bribing him with his favorite foods to pass messages to Hari. Which he honesty wants no part of the strange love affair. Adonis does the same thing as Yua (food bribes) to get Salem to cover for him when he’s off on one of his escapades.

Salem is also one of the most popular guys at school since he's handsome, smart (one of the highest IQ's in the kingdom), kind to majority of people he meets and in touch with nature since little critters like to be around him. Not to mention the girls love his horns.


Salem is also Mr. Prince Charming/big brother type. He's also quite a prankster.

Unlike his two closest friends, Hari and Adonis, he's not into the parade of beautiful women being a prince brings, he's more interested in getting to know a girl and her intellect. However, he gets painfully shy when it comes to a girl he likes. He'll pretty much ignore them (Adonis' advice), or be short with her (Hari's advice). Then he feels horrible and tries to make it up to her. It's a strange cycle he's stuck in.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Nature

Dislikes: Prissy girls, nosy people, mortals, sometimes Natsuko and fatty foods