Tonya Schiffer
Title Modeling Agent
Age 41
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Married, Jon
Relatives Neko (Son)

Ella (Daughter)

Ethnicity Japanese
Species Human
Aliases Toni
First Appearance N/a

Tonya was 24 turning 25 when she had Neko. When she first found out she was pregnant she was elated since they were ttc. Then she was cranky her whole pregnancy because she “couldn’t fit anything” (totally exaggerating). Her pregnancy helped her get the courage to talk and patch things up with her parents too.

Then when Neko was finally born she was really emotional because she never thought she of all people would be so happy. Jon barely got to hold Neko at first.

How Neko got his name: The trouble maker Tonya (b.k.a. Toni) got in trouble with her parents so they sent her away to her aunt (her mothers half sister) in Japan for the summer. One thing lead to another and she ended up meeting Jon (a military brat/Neko’s dad) in a shop with tons of Maneki-Neko figurines. Long story short, they became friends, Penpals, then lovers (once he moved to the States). As it says in CLT, they're responsible for getting Ava’s parents together.


Tonya naturally has black hair and brown eyes. She's a bit taller than her husband, Jon. When she was younger, she used to bleach her hair blonde.

Tonya usually wears a pair of short heeled shoes.


Toyna was quite a rebel. Partying, clubbing and concerts were just a few things she used to do. She also used to smoke, drink, and skip classes. She always D's in her classes and nothing more. She also was a sarcastic, headstrong, tough and the heart-breaker kind of gal.

Tonya likes things on the more erotic/risky side (she has nudes of herself in their bedroom) and Ava doesn't feel comfortable "flaunting" herself in front of a camera, especially not for Toni. Toni still hasn't/won't give up though.



They met in high school when Jen ran crying alone (or so she thought) under the the bleachers and Toni happened to be making out with her boyfriend. Since Jen's sobbing "killed the mood", Toni decided to see why a goodie two shoes would come there of all places to cry and found out Jen got in an argument with her folks and decided to "run away" for awhile.

Toni of course told her she was going to get herself killed since CLEARLY she would go to the wrong place. So Toni dragged her back home and told Jen to call her if she has any problems at all.

Jen, in return, helped Tonya fill her void. She was untouchable on the surface, but deep down she was broken.