Trinity Fink
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Title Princess
Age 13
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom The Red Isle
Status TBA
Relatives Ariel (Grandfather, deceased)

Pethra (Grandmother)

Dušan (Father)

Vesuvius (Uncle)

Pele (Mother)

Falon (Sister)

Kai (Aunt)

Hakan (Cousin)

Hari (Cousin)

Amika (Cousin)

Miakoda (Aunt)

Folami (Cousin)

Species Half Vampire

Elf, Dark

Aliases Trin, Rin, She-Beast (from Adonis)
First Appearance N/a


Thanks to Pele's promiscuous nature, she had messed with the wrong guy and got a curse set on her. Instead of it cursing her, it had cursed her first born. Trinity was to never open her cursed eye. When she was a certain age, she began to wear an eye patch. On some occasions, she'll wear different eye patches for different events.

She loves to wear clothes that are black or just dark.


Trinity is well known for her bad attitude at school, but never the less, she's pretty popular among the upper classmen from the 2nd kingdom.

You could say that she inherited her mom's promiscuity, since she have had sexual relationships with different men, including Adonis. He has also described Trinity as a "sexual deviant".

Because Trinity is infortmative and aloof (which is the opposite of her free-spirited cousin Amika), she's not the kind to dwell of a bad situation. She would never go against her family's wishes. She hates girls her own age, doesn't get herself involved in other's issues, doesn't get thrilled easily and she's remorseless.

Basically, she's someone who doesn't care about anything other than facts. There is no cracking her shell and diving deeper because she doesn't have one. Her ideal life would be to live and work as a librarian in the Red Isle.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: AB blood, reading, traveling and solitude

Dislikes: Normal food, sunlight, vain people, talkative people and mortals


  • Trinity and her younger sister, Falon, share a coffin together.
  • Trinity takes the looks of her mother but also strongly resembles her grandmother, Pethra, which she hears a lot and finds it annoying. Trinity doesn't know her that well, either.
  • When Trinity was younger, she was happier because she knew less about the Red Isle and how the outsiders perceived vampires.