Vellamo Tavana
Title Princess
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 4th
Status Single
Relatives Neptune (Father)

Sedna (Mother)

Calypso (Twin Sister)

Species Elf, Light
Aliases Vella
First Appearance N/a


Vellamo has pale skin, and long, blue hair which parts down the middle. Her hair is straight with some soft curls at the ends.

Vellamo is taller than her twin, Calypso, and has a pear-shaped body.

Unlike her sister, however, she enjoys the sun, and is usually tan as a result.


  • Vellamo and Calypso are fraternal twins.
  • Vellamo and Calypso both have one foe in common, Grace, who is a dark elf.
  • Vellamo is bisexual.
  • Vellamo has an all male crew.