Vincenzo Blackstone
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Title Prince
Age N/a
Height 5'8"
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 7th
Status N/a
Relatives Devin (Mother)

Reagan (Aunt)

Gavril (Brother)

Owen (Brother)

Kieron (Brother)

Sefu (Brother)

Alfred (Brother)

Fearghus (Brother)

Rodney (Brother)

Aries (Brother)

Rais (Brother)

Ghayth (Brother)

Kross (Brother)

Sydney, Ryder and Wyatt (Triplet Brothers)

Bricius (Brother)

Conor (Brother)

Jamie (Brother)

Species N/a
Aliases Vincenzo the Caring, Vinny
First Appearance N/a

Vincenzo taught Conor everything he knows despite having zero interest in the throne. Vincenzo hates working hard and is very, very lazy.


  • Conor completely idolizes Vincenzo, and has never spoken poorly of his brother.