Wayra Chirkash
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Wayra (right) with his lover, Lo (left)
Title N/a
Age 60
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom N/a
Status Married, Lo
Relatives Ariel (Brother-in-law, deceased)

Pethra (Sister-in-law)

Vesuvius (Nephew)

Pele (Niece)

Species Elf, Dark
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Being pure blood dark elves and only consuming food from the dark forest, he ages at a snail's pace. He's 60, but for dark elves, that's like saying you're in your mid 20's in mortal years.

Wayra has short, sea foam green colored hair which is slightly wavy.



Pethra discarded Pele when she was 5 years old because she didn't have time for her "nonsense". Lo Chirkash and Wayra took her in, but, despite them begging for her to visit her daughter, she never returned a single letter, wished her a happy birthday, or nothing. Then she comes back out of the blue and forcibly takes Pele on her 13th birthday.

He didn't like her before but that sealed the deal. Pele is his daughter as far as he's concerned.

As such with the history, Wayra wouldn't hesitate to kill Pethra.


  • Wayra is into Black Magic, hence the dark marks he has.