Yua Sakai
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Title Princess
Age 14
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 2nd
Status Single
Relatives Toya (Father)

Isabel (Mother)

Natsuko (Sister)

Species Half Immortal

Half Human

Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Yua carried on her mother's yellow eyes. As with Natsuko, she also carried both hair colors of her parents. Her hair grows white and turns black with time, similar to the changing of seasons. It is her own mortality showing.


Unlike her older sister Natsuko, she's not as showy but is definitely more lively.



Yua has a crush on Hari, and Hari thinks of her as a little sister. Since Hari isn't that easy to get close to and Natsuko already knows and has threatened her to stay away from him, Yua gets pretty creative in getting love letters and gifts to Hari (which both bugs and surprises him).

Hari on the other hand, always let's Natsuko take/destroy the letters since he doesn't return Yua's feelings and he doesn't want to hurt Natsuko anymore than he already has by arguing over it.

He's tried having them talk and it ended in more of a dual between sisters. All he can do is repeat himself, "You’re like my dear sister" and "I would never betray you like that".

Lu IIEdit

Lu II are best friends, cousins, debate team members, and both making their parents proud and older siblings nervous.


  • Yua can usually be seen studying or following Hari and Natsuko.